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Helen Grogan


HELEN GROGAN’S practise is informed by studies in philosophy and choreography, it operates critically and dynamically with exhibition formats and institutional conditions. She uses sculptural, photographic, and choreographic means to approach spatial and temporal experience as material. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; Art Gallery of New South Wales; 20th Biennale of Sydney; National Gallery of Victoria International; Gertrude Contemporary; 2nd Tbilisi Triennial; Liquid Architecture; Alaska Projects; Gertrude Glasshouse; Slopes; West Space; Rijksakademie; Stockholm Kulturhuset; Kontext Festival Berlin; VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery; C3; La Macedora, amongst others.
“Grogan’s practice is a continuous process of looking and listening. It is a process both systematic and open to the accidental, a practice that is committed to attention and to the cultivation of embodied thought, in the time and space of the now. All parts of this practice, installation, video, action and photography…connect, reflect and speak back to each other and together form a body of work that is concerned with space as a dispositif. Defined by Adrian Martin as ‘the arrangement of diverse elements in such a way as to trigger, guide and organise a set of actions.’ Grogan’s dispositifs slow the viewer’s gaze, engage the body and direct the viewer to elements of space that frequently go unobserved.”
– Sarinah Masuka, 2015
Helen Grogan’s recent solo exhibitions include: POEMING (with insistence on plurality), First Draft, 2016; STUDIO WORK (COMPRESSION WITH OPENING PLANE), Gertrude Contemporary Studio 10, 2016; THREE ADJOINING SPACES WITH MANIFOLD EDGES, Westspace, 2015; POEM (with insistence on plurality), Gertrude Glasshouse, 2015; PERFORMATIVE STRUCTURES FOR SLOPES, Slopes, 2014.
Key curatorial projects: SPECIFIC IN-BETWEEN (the choreographic negotiated in six parts) in ‘Framed Movement’, ACCA, 2014; FEEDBACK PROJECT (proposals towards an exhibition), Gertrude Contemporary; OPEN ARCHIVE project space and curatorial research with Jared Davis 2012.
Grogan undertook the Gertrude Contemporary studio artist residency 2014-2016.