Paul Carter


PAUL CARTER writes both as a writer and as a designer. His recent books include Ground Truthing (2010), Meeting Place (2013) and Places Made After Their Stories (2015). Text-based public artworks include Nearamnew (Federation Square, Melbourne), Golden Grove (University of Sydney) and Passenger (Yagan Square, Perth).

He is currently working on a book called Signature, which ‘reverse engineers’ eight public space inscriptions for book publication. Ecstacies and Elegies, his book of poems, was published in 2013. His current works-in-progress include an edited selection of his radiophonic scripts and a book length essay exploring personal, cultural and political sound histories. He is currently working with Bruce Ramus on Pipes, a major kinetic light and acoustic atmosphere project for the new Cato Square in Prahran, Melbourne. He is Professor of Design (Urbanism), School of Architecture and design, RMIT, where his current ARC Discovery project explores post-precinct cultural planning.